My name is Paul Whiteway and thanks for visiting my website!
This site is simple to use, easy on the eyes and generally geared
to help expatriates acclimatize to living in Cebu and the Philippines

Expat Services for Cebu

I started Cebu Relocation Solutions Inc. because I found that many expatriates in Cebu were asking where to find a particular service, or how they could get this or that taken care of. They relayed their experiences regarding the unreliability of services they had utilized, coupled with the wide range of prices to use them. I decided there was a need for quality services at a reasonable price, especially from a trusted source. I offer you my many years of experience in western society plus my ever expanding knowledge of the local culture in Cebu and that of the Philippines in general. Over the past 8 years the business has grown beyond all expectations and there are now 4 of us helping expats settle in to life in Cebu. You can read more about us here..

Our Customers

People on Vacation

They don’t want to waste their valuable time with such mundane issues as going to the Bureau of Immigration for visa extensions in Cebu. They need Safe Storage for their luggage or valuables while traveling to other destinations. Not to mention the new airline weight restrictions and added charges. They may also wish to hire a motor bike with which to see the island.

Cebu Expatriates

Many live here in Cebu part time and want to spend that time with their families, not going to the Bureau of Immigration. Many have businesses or jobs which require most of their time and attention. We can save business owners money by allowing them to concentrate on earning income while we take care of the mundane bureaucratic issues.

Mature Expats

Plus others who don’t get around as well as they used to. Even going to the travel agent’s office can be a hassle sometimes. We understand those needs.

People Moving to Cebu

There is good information on the internet, but some is not so good. So having an experienced “point man” here in Cebu can be invaluable. These people want to feel secure that they are arriving to a safe and pleasurable situation, especially when bringing their families.

People wanting to start a Business in Cebu

Cebu has become a hub for BPO businesses and the area around the Asiatown IT Park is growing fast. Many foreign business owners find the combination of the excellent English speaking skills of the local workers and the relatively low wages they demand, a compelling reason to set up here in Cebu. We have helped many clients register their businesses and obtain all the necessary licenses – either as Sole traders or as a Corporation. What we do is not “rocket science”, but over the years we have learnt which forms to fill out and which queue to sit in! We still spend many hours waiting in queues, but only about a quarter of  the amount of time we spent the first time we did it. For more details about how to set up a business in Cebu click this LINK.

New Arrivals in Cebu

They are getting their feet wet and just need some assistance from a fellow expat in Cebu. They would like for someone to show them the ropes a bit. Some came to get married and are mesmerized by the red tape, “Kano” prices and the hands held out seemingly every step of the way.

Expat Wedding Planning in Cebu

Some are short on time and have a fixed budget. They don’t want to turn this important duty over to someone from a different culture. They want the right blend of Eastern and Western traditions and amenities. Most want to do things elegantly while not overspending.

We will be adding new services in the near future and your suggestions are welcomed. If you have any special requirements or questions, please contact me and I will do my best to help you. While Cebu Relocation Solutions Inc. is a business, we have a policy that we will answer any questions honestly and for FREE – we will only charge when we have to perform a service or can add value. We answer many emailed questions each day.