About Paul

My name is Paul and I am an Englishman who migrated to Australia in 1985, living there for about 25 years. I subsequently fell in love with a Filipina and decided to make Cebu my permanent home in 2007. I keep close links with the Cebu expatriate community and have many wonderful friends, but I enjoy living amongst the local Filipino community as it helps me understand the culture much better. I love my life in Cebu, mostly because of my wonderful wife Elsa.

Although trained as a lawyer, I never practiced and spent most of my working career as a Sales Manager, which is where most people who can’t sell end up!

I am not fluent in Cebuano/Bisayan, the local language, but have a good, basic understanding of it and can most times make myself understood. My wife says I speak like a 5 year old child! I make it a point to learn new words and phrases every day. My wife assists me with the business and is a great asset – we go everywhere together, so, in dealing with problems or issues, have the perfect balance of western and eastern approaches.

I am honest and believe that my integrity is worth more to me than any short term financial gain. I list among my good friends many Filipinos and Westerners from various walks of life, who I am sure will vouch for me.

About Elsa

My name is Elsa and I am a Filipina married to Paul. I speak Cebuano, the local language, as well as Tagalog and English. I graduated from Indiana Aerospace University with a BSc degree in Airline management and went on to work in the airline industry, but now work full time in the business.

I understand the local customs and ways of doing things but have learned western values and expectations during the 8 years I’ve known Paul. I know when to be patient and let bureaucracy grind away at its own pace, but I also know when to be assertive and push things through to a conclusion.

I enjoy meeting so many new people each week and am happy that I can make their visit to my country and home town go smoothly. Many of our clients have become good friends and we regularly socialize with them.

Looking forward to meeting you.

The rest of the team:-

NANCY – Operations Manager – she controls the day to day operations of Cebu Expat Services Inc., organizing passport collections and registrations with government agencies.

HERMES  – Transport Manager – he looks after the maintenance and general health of our fleet of 17 vehicles.

MAE – Office Manager – she looks after the day to day running of the office.  Preparing the paperwork for business set-ups, registrations, etc.

CELINE – she looks after the cleanliness and general maintenance of the office itself.