Planning on Moving to Cebu? We can help make the process easier, cheaper and worry free. We will be glad to assist you in any capacity which we can accommodate. If you don’t see an option below that suits your needs listed below, just contact us and we will tailor a solution for you. Cebu Expat Relocation Services has the experience and relationships to help make your move to Cebu exciting and fun.

Current Relocation Assistance and Services:

Hotel Services

Can’t determine which is the best hotel or pension house to stay in initially? We can recommend a good property which will suit your requirements and budget as well. We will make sure you have a guaranteed reservation and no surprises when you arrive. Just tell us what amenities and price range you desire and we will accommodate your needs.

Business Set-up Services

Many people have made the decision to move their business to Cebu where labour and property costs are low, and government taxation incentives make relocation a sensible decision. The actual processes involved in registering your business/corporation, obtaining a Mayor’s Permit, registering with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Philhealth, SSS and Pag-IBIG, are all quite simple if you know the process but involve many hours of waiting in queues. This is why many companies have used our services here – we do the mundane paper shuffling and queueing while you get on with the business of making money. For more details about setting up a business here and the costs involved click this LINK.

House or Apartment Hunting

This can be a daunting challenge for the newcomer to Cebu. We can assist you in finding the right accommodations in a variety of desirable locations. Whether you intend to purchase or rent, we can help!

Transportation Services

We can provide you with honest reliable options for your transportation needs during your initial stay. Whether you require rental motorbike, a car for two people or a van for a family of six we will accommodate you.

Banking Services

Setting up a bank account here can be tricky at times for a new expatriate in Cebu. We can recommend and or assist you with finding the right bank to suit your needs.

Cebuano Language Classes

Acclimating into the current culture and environment is greatly accelerated by learning some of the local language. Whether you require private classes for the entire family or group classes for individuals, we can help.

Sightseeing Tours

Want to learn more about Cebu? We will arrange a tour with a reputable service that meets your needs and expectations. Or if you like, my wife and I will accompany you and give you an informal street level tour so that you can learn more about what life is really like in Cebu.

Schools and Shopping

We can recommend the right places to accommodate a wide range of tastes. Whether it’s the local wet market or the big malls, we will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Schools can be confusing here and we know this. There are several fine schools here in Cebu for the children of Expats.

Dining and Social

There are many fine establishments here for the expatriate community to enjoy. We try and keep up on where things are “happening” in Cebu, be they sporting events, social gatherings or just the best food choices. We can help you acclimatize into the local social environment.

Buying a Car or Motorcycle

One of the easiest mistakes to make when moving to a foreign country is to buy the wrong type of car or pay too much for the car you choose. I am not a mechanic so can’t give you advice on how good the car is mechanically, but I can save you money by negotiating as a local rather than as a “green horn” visitor. I will also make sure that the vehicle is “legally” transferred into your name.

Cebu Expat Relocation Services is a new offering and our normal fee schedule applies. We charge a basic fee of 500 pesos an hour with a minimum of 2 hours per client. As you can see by the pricing of this and our other services, we are not trying to break the bank. We just offer honest reliable services for a fair price. You will not be disappointed! Contact us for more details and a custom price for assistance with your relocation to Cebu.