I live in a modern house with security windows, next door to the Barangay Captain and some of his Tanods, (local quasi-policemen).

While there is no guard or gated community, I am considered as one of the locals and they all look out for me like an unofficial Neighborhood Watch. I also have 2 dogs which, although very friendly, seemingly frighten “the living daylights” out of most of the local population. I can store most items, inside the main house, for short or long periods.

Cebu Expat Safe Storage was started to assist expatriates in Cebu with securing valuables or important items when they are moving, out of the country, visiting other provinces or any other situation where temporary storage is required.

It is also useful for the expat who wants to ship their belongings to Cebu, but at the time of departure does not have a confirmed address.

We can store most anything within reason. Balikbayan boxes, suitcases, computers or important items. We have stored vehicles and motorcycles as well in the past. We are open to discussing your needs on an as needed basis.

The basic fee for this service is 300php per item per week for average items. We will give you a custom quote for unusual or large items.

For periods longer than 2 months or for quantities larger than 10 items, we can work out a special rate.

You will need to sign a declaration that none of the packages I am storing for you contain anything hazardous or any items that are against the law of the country.

We offer a pick and deliver back service which would need to be negotiated at the time. The cost would depend where you are in Cebu.

We can also receive your mail or packages and either, keep them until you arrive, or forward them to your private address. We would email you on receipt of each package and deal with it according to your instructions. Our fee for this comprehensive mail forwarding service is 1,500p per month plus the cost of any disbursements – all disbursements will be receipted.