I got married in March 2009, and remember only too well the many hours I spent checking out hotels, resorts, florists, bands, photographers, dress shops, cake makers, etc., trying to get the best value for money from someone who wasn’t going to cheat us. As those that came to the wedding will attest, I think our choices of suppliers for each of those services were pretty much right.

Jenny and I can save you an awful lot of time, money and frustration in your search for these type of service providers. We looked at using local wedding planners when we first set out to organize the wedding, and had quotes for the day of between 300,000 and 500,000php. The planner was quoting maybe 45,000php for flowers but actually paying the florist 15,000php. Most of the overall quoted figure was going to the planner, not paying for the services we needed. Our wedding for 100 people at White Sands Beach Resort actually cost us about 150,000php but prices have gone up a lot over the last 5 years!

Since then we have helped over 100 couples enjoy their special day.

Please follow this LINK to get some idea of the legal requirements for marriage in The Philippines, what you need to do and a broad outline of the costs we paid to organize our “big” day.

We can help you plan a large formal wedding or a small informal, civil affair.

We offer wedding packages which are detailed below or a la carte weddings. For these it is difficult to set a detailed fee structure for this service as some couples will want more involvement with the planning and some might want to leave most of it to us. The basic rule of a la carte Wedding Planning is that we will provide receipts or quotes for each service provider and will guarantee that we will not receive any payment from them in return for recommending them.

In short, we will provide the best, quality service within your budget, at the lowest price we can negotiate with no “add ons” for us. Our fee will depend on what you want, but will be a separate, declared amount. We would provide all the co-ordination prior to the actual day, organizing and controlling both the ceremony and the reception, providing the Master of Ceremony services and obtaining your NSO Marriage Certificate.

We can organise your day to your specific instructions at almost any location you choose; indeed we have done weddings in the provinces and on nearby islands such as Bantayan; but we have put together a number of set price packages which we feel reflect most people’s budgets and preferences. You can make adjustments to the basic package by either removing services you don’t want or by adding extras to the base package. We would make an adjustment to the cost either up or down accordingly.