Riding a motorcycle in Cebu, while not for everybody, is the cheapest, most efficient and certainly the quickest way to get around here. While many would disagree with me, I find the absence of “Road Rage” and the low speeds normal in Cebu traffic, make driving a motor here a safe and pleasurable experience. Cebu Relocation Solutions Inc. will provide you quality motorbike and scooter rentals! I have been doing so for over 10 years.

Motor bike rental is just one of the many services we provide and you are welcome to pick our brains about any issues you have concerning life in Cebu – visas, business set ups, best/cheapest places to stay, house rentals, how to get married, storage, etc.

We currently have 15 bikes available for hire all well maintained, Japanese models.


  • Free delivery to all locations within Cebu City, Mandaue City, Mactan Island, Talamban, Consolacion, Liloan & Compostela. For delivery to locations outside these areas a negotiated delivery charge will be added.
  • Free delivery and pick up applies only within normal business hours – 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday – there is no delivery at weekends. However we are open for motorbike rental pick most days from 8am until 6pm, (up to 12 noon on Sundays).
  • Minimum rental period to avail of free delivery is 2 days; 1 day “delivered” rentals will be charged as 2 days. 1 day rentals are available, but only on a “pick up” basis.


  • Discount applies for pick ups & returns.
  • Our offices are located in Consolacion (which is 9km from SM & Ayala Malls and it will cost you about 170p from there in a taxi) and Talisay in the southern suburbs of Cebu Metro.

Note, you will need to be prepared to leave your passport with us as security for the bike. I am sorry, but after making exceptions for 3 renters who begged me to trust them, then let me down, there will be no exceptions to this condition. We also need to sight your valid drivers licence before renting you the bike. We also reserve the right to refuse a bike rental to those who cannot control a bike – we really don’t want you to kill yourselves.

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Renters who are able to pick up from and return to our Consolacion location will receive a 10% discount on normal pricing , but we can deliver and collect from your metro hotel for free. Renters must leave their passport with us – we have a secure floor safe and normally hold a number of passports in relation to our other operations. All bikes are registered, which includes the standard LTO insurance, and we provide two free crash helmets. Bikes are delivered with a full tank of gas and we ask that they are returned with a full tank also. Unlimited mileage and use on other islands is allowed.

Unfortunately, due to a number of people reserving a bike and then not showing up, we can only guarantee that the bike you choose will be available for you, if you pay a 25% non-refundable deposit. In line with the way we try to do business, we will make every possible effort to have the bike you want available without a deposit, but we cannot go on turning away customers to accommodate those who think booking a bike and changing their mind without telling us is a joke.