There are so many things that have to be done in order to make a move of that magnitude. The research, the planning, the costs, fear of the unknown, the sheer distances can make things overwhelming at times. The excitement and anticipation can be intoxicating, but the realities bring you back to earth if you are not into chaos. This is a big decision!

Initial Things to Consider Before Moving to Cebu

Why are you moving to Cebu?

Although the number one reason for a majority of future expats is obvious, there are many facets to that process and environment and you should consider your motivations carefully. Making bad decisions right off the bat, before you ever get here, can have a catastrophic effect upon your ability to be comfortable and happy here in Cebu.

Buy or Rent

Many of us from other countries have deep seated inclinations to own property as it has been a hedge against inflation and a symbol of accomplishment. Those premises can hold true here in Cebu as well, as long as you go about it realistically. There are many options to consider and one should take baby steps before you try to run here. The rules are different and seemingly ever changing, not to mention the sometime less than forthright institutions and agencies.

Health Care Considerations

The overall majority of people planning a move to Cebu or the Philippines in general are over 40. We all know that this is about the time we have to succumb to the fact our bodies are not going to be as fit as they used to be. Many are much older and need to make specific contingency plans to ensure their well being.

Close to Her Family or Not!

If your wife is a Filipina, you should consider whether you want to live very near her family or have some distance between you and the family. There are many expats who move here who find that having some space between them and the family is the best option. On the other hand some live right in the same compound with the family and are quite happy. It all depends upon the family, but you should consider this carefully before making the choice.

Moving Your Family to Cebu

If you a bringing your family with you, you obviously have a lot more to consider. Schools for the children can be a major concern. There are many good schools here, but each has it’s own little nuances which will make things either comfortable, or not so comfortable. You should do your homework and we can help. If your wife is a foreigner in this country, you should consider her comfort and well being before making big decisions. It can be very intimidating for her to be in a country where literally thousands of young beautiful women will covet their husband. Security for all concerned is a big consideration as well. Cebu is generally a safe city, but there are special considerations when bringing children to a third world country, especially if they have never been here before.

Culture Shock

It is inevitable that you and or your family will experience this very real problem. For some it’s serious and debilitating, but for most it’s simply a matter of identifying the symptoms and making the proper adjustments to your lifestyle. Staying close with friends in the area can be a valuable asset in this matter and many others as they have most likely been there and done that. Here is a must read for people who experience this problem.